The Affinity4 Partnership

As one of the nation's leading affinity-based marketing companies, Affinity4 specializes in helping charities and ministries raise funds to fulfill their mission. To do this, Affinity4 leverages and transforms ordinary activities such as texting and making phone calls, surfing the Internet, shopping and more into fundraising opportunities for your supporters.

Since our inception more than 20 years ago, thousands of individuals have participated in our unique 10% GiveBack Program and have helped make a difference in our world. To date, we have donated nearly $100 million to charities worldwide through this program.

Affinity4 is headquartered in Norfolk, VA and is led by CEO, Stephen Halliday, who has over 25 years of experience in the nonprofit world. He is backed by a team of dedicated individuals who share traditional values and a strong desire to make a difference in our churches, our communities and in our world.

Helping Your Cause

When partnering with Affinity4, you receive:

  • Increased funding every month with no hassles or additional requirements for your organization.
  • An easy way to help attract and retain supporters by offering superior quality, discounted products and services they use every day. These products automatically support your cause at no additional cost to your supporter.
  • Access to customizable marketing materials through our website that can be used to encourage your supporters to take advantage of your partnership with Affinity4.


Helping Your Supporters

Affinity4 is the first choice when it comes to providing your supporters an opportunity to obtain competitive products and services they need and will value – and are most likely already using. When your supporters switch or enroll in any of our products or services, they'll join a community of individuals committed to making a difference in our world. They'll feel a sense of:

  • Belonging to a group committed to their same values.
  • Accomplishment in being able to continue to support your organization's causes without impacting their budget.
  • Satisfaction that they're getting best-in-class products and services at much lower rates and with special features not available to the general public.

Affinity4 is not just a company offering superior products and services. We are a dedicated provider working with our partners and their supporters to turn pennies into millions of dollars for one common goal: to make our world a better place to live for all of us.

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