As an Affinity4 Partner you have access to Affinity4's Partner Marketing Materials that can be used to help increase the revenue your organization receives through our GiveBack Program. These materials will help you get the word out about Affinity4's products and services - which is the best way to get more of your supporters using Affinity4 services and increasing the amount of your check.

The size of your check is a direct reflection of the number of your supporters that sign up to purchase products and services through Affinity4. Getting your supporters to participate in the program takes consistent communication from your organization. A strong and consistent call to action in all of your communications; bulletins, newsletters, emails, website, etc. will result in a strong rate of success.

Affinity4's Partner Marketing Materials provide many ways for you to tell your supporters about all of the best-in-class services available to them through Affinity4, and how these services can not only save them money, but also help them to financially support your organization - without impacting their budget! There are several marketing pieces available such as a flyer, insert, and web banners, and each one can be customized with your organization's name.

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