The little things you do every day
can make a big difference.

Call a family member. Email a friend. Watch a classic movie with your kids. When you choose Affinity4, the ordinary activities you do every day can add up to a big donation to the charity or ministry you care about most.
You spend nothing extra. In fact, Affinity4's great low rates – on wireless phones, long distance phone service, Affinity4 Savings Program, Internet service, and more – may mean you spend even less. But you're doing so much more.

With our GiveBack Program, whenever you use a quality product or service through Affinity4, 10% of the proceeds are automatically donated to the cause you select. That means it's even easier to make a difference just by choosing Affinity4 for the products and services you use every day.

It's a simple way to send a stream of funds straight to organizations you believe in. How much? Over the past 20 years, Affinity4 has donated nearly $100 million to charities and ministries worldwide on behalf of our customers.

Want to help your favorite charity without digging deeper into your pockets? Sign up for an Affinity4 quality product or service now.

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