Everyone faces legal issues sometimes, whether it's writing a will, fighting a traffic violation or dealing with a difficult neighbor.

As a member, your Rocket Lawyer legal plan will provide the help needed to handle any legal situation - easy-to-complete legal documents, quick answers to legal questions, free initial consultations from local attorneys and pre-negotiated discounted rates on legal fees.*

Rocket Lawyer's easy online service enables members to automatically create legal documents by answering a few simple questions. Members can create a will, power of attorney, promissory note, prenuptial agreement and more. The documents are securely stored online so they can be accessed and updated at any time.

    Rocket Lawyer can help with these legal matters and more:

  • Family legal matters
  • Wills and estate planning
  • Taxes and other financial matters
  • Real estate
  • Any other personal legal matters

*Subject to Rocket Lawyer On Call™ terms and conditions.